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U.S. actively supported massacres

” “Standing by,” however, is not what the United States did during the Indonesian genocide of 1965–66; rather, it actively supported the massacres, which were applauded at the time by the New York Times.” [Read story...]


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The rise, fall and rebirth of Saudi cinema

Author: Ruba ObaidID: 1513028671257253100Tue, 2017-12-12 03:00JEDDAH: Cinemas existed in Saudi Arabia’s major cities about half-a-century ago. Westerners working for the California State Oil Company (later Aramco) were the first to introduce cinema [Read story...]

40 Intl. speakers at 7th Saudi Smart Grid conference

Author: ASEEL BASHRAHEELID: 1513036309177547000Mon, 2017-12-11 23:00JEDDAH: The 7th Saudi Arabia Smart Grid (SASG) Conference on smart grids and renewable energy will be held at Jeddah’s Hilton Hotel from December 12-14 under the patronage of the M [Read story...]