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Mark my words

The New York Times will publish in the next few days an obituary of `Ali Salem just because he visited Israel, and as rare as the Times publishes obituaries of Arabs. [Read story...]

Ruler of Dubai’s poem about his son

In it he says: (verbatim): “Do you know who your father is?A man whose very steps shake the earth vigorously”. I kid you not.”أتدري من هو والدك . .رجلٌ تهزّها الأرض هزاً وطأة قدميه . “ [Read story...]

Middle East

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One more Palestinian falls to Israeli bullet

Hebron, Palestine — A Palestinian died during an Israeli army operation in the southern West Bank before dawn on Tuesday, while troops shot a woman. Both incidents occurred in the Hebron area with tensions running high ahead of the Yom Kip [Read story...]


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Beirut shaken by ‘barbaric’ protests crackdown

BEIRUT (Reuters) — An upsurge of violence in Lebanon’s protests against the ruling elite, with police meting out beatings and protesters hurling stones, has alarmed rights groups and whipped up public fury. After a brief lull in largely peaceful [Read story...]