Minister of Antiquities confirms Egypt is safe

The celebrations will be part of the Solar Stabilization festival, which is set to host several calibers from around the globe and feature a number of culture events at Abu Simbel Temple, he added. The Solar Stabilization is a rare phenomenon that ha [Read story...]

Cairo Big Band Society – " Photo by Egypt Today

Alexandria's police chief Amin Ezzedin, Tunisian actress Aicha Ben Ahmed, Sherine Abbas Helmy and many other journalists were commended. During the closing ceremony, the chairman of the festival Auf Hammam paid tribute to the families of Alexandr [Read story...]

Abu Simble Timples [Photo: Wikipedia]

Egypt Today provides readers with the top facts they need to known about Abu Simbel Temple. 1- Construction Abu Simble Temple was constructed by the most celebrated Ancient Egyptian king Ramses II. [Read story...]

Sun Festival celebrated in Egypt

Tourists visit the Great Temple of Abu Simbel during the Sun Festival in Aswan, Egypt, Oct. 22, 2017. During the Sun Festival, crowds gather before sunrise to observe sunlight lightening the sculpture of King Ramses II which occurs twice a year, sepa [Read story...]

We are Egyptian Armenians

The documentary revolves around the Armenian community that resided in Egypt after fleeing from the 1915 genocide. Portraying Egyptian acceptance of Armenian citizens in the country, the film also depicts the contribution of various Armenian generati [Read story...]

Is this lost city a glimpse into the future?

A place where kings became gods in secret ceremonies, and where the Trojan prince Paris brought the kidnapped Helen of Troy – if the legends are true. Then, more than 1,200 years ago , the earth moved and the city of Thonis-Heracleion was swallowed b [Read story...]

BYD bags mass transit order in Egypt

Electric vehicle maker BYD Co Ltd is planning to start trial runs of its SkyRail monorail mass transit solution in Egypt soon, making it the second overseas destination for the Chinese company after the Philippines. Demand for mass transit systems ha [Read story...]

Inspection battle threatens Egypt’s wheat supply

Those trips, funded by exporters, have been cancelled as part of Egypt's efforts to streamline imports worth more than $1 billion a year. Traders say the new system has backfired as inspectors are now rejecting cargoes at Egyptian ports on arbitr [Read story...]

Painting by Klay Kassem

Kassem gives his readers a quick insight in an interview with Egypt Today about what he aspires to achieve from his paintings, which Arts-Mart Gallery will be showcasing in an exhibition on Friday. ET: What best describes your artworks and how did it [Read story...]