Inspection battle threatens Egypt’s wheat supply

Those trips, funded by exporters, have been cancelled as part of Egypt's efforts to streamline imports worth more than $1 billion a year. Traders say the new system has backfired as inspectors are now rejecting cargoes at Egyptian ports on arbitr [Read story...]

Painting by Klay Kassem

Kassem gives his readers a quick insight in an interview with Egypt Today about what he aspires to achieve from his paintings, which Arts-Mart Gallery will be showcasing in an exhibition on Friday. ET: What best describes your artworks and how did it [Read story...]

Crackdown on gay community in Egypt

A crackdown on gay people in Egypt intensified over the weekend as security forces raided cafes in downtown Cairo and courts delivered harsh prison sentences, further driving the nation's LGBT community underground. More than 60 people have been [Read story...]

Bird – Richard Hoath

September finds many natural cycles coming full cycle. If spring was for canoodling and courtship then summer was for family stuff, of rearing and raising. [Read story...]

Gouna Film Festival Stage

The audience was amused and laughed at the joke of the beloved 77-year old. After that, young director Amr Salama, whose movie Sheikh Jackson was screened at the opening of the festival, enthusiastically asked the actors of the movie to take a pictur [Read story...]

Egypt’s El Gouna film festival kicks off

HURGHADA, Egypt , Sept. 22 — The first El Gouna Film Festival kicked off on Friday evening in Egypt's Red Sea resort town of El Gouna, hosting dozens of movie stars and filmmakers and set to screen tens of films from over 30 countries. [Read story...]

President Sisi issued a decree to renovate Hurghada

In a conference with the large tribes of the Red Sea governorate that started on Saturday, Abdallah emphasized that there are multiple development projects currently ongoing in the city of Hurghada with the cooperation of the civil society. He also p [Read story...]