Review: ‘Bible Nation:a

Earlier this year, by chance I picked up Sarah A. Tobin's “Everyday Piety,” which chronicles her sojourn in Amman, Jordan, studying Islamic banking practices. It seemed like such an esoteric topic, and yet I was sucked in, as Tobin lifts the veil [Read story...]

Biolab Launches Its 17th Branch in Tila’ Al Ali

Biolab's CEO and founder, Dr. Amid Abdelnour, explained that Biolab constantly aspires to reach all residents in the Kingdom to provide the best high-standard services, offering customers a wide spectrum of quality medical services priced in acco [Read story...]

Aramex Adds Electric Vehicles to Its Fleet in Amman

Aramex, a global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has revealed the new addition of 10 electric vehicles to its fleet in Amman, Jordan. This comes as part of a longer-term strategic move by Aramex to convert the entire [Read story...]

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Deputizing for Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Minister of Information and Communication Technology Majd Shweikeh announced today the successful conclusion of Refugee Code Week 2017. Throughout the week, more than 15,000 Syrian refugees and Jord [Read story...]

Iraqi PM arrives in Amman

Upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport, the Iraqi Prime Minister was received by Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, a number of senior civil servants and military officials, the Iraqi ambassador in Amman, and the embassy's staff. [Read story...]

Bank Al Etihad Opens New Salt Branch

As part of Bank al Etihad 's policy to serve as many clients as possible by expanding its network of branches across the Kingdom, the Bank recently announced the opening of its new branch in the Al Balqa Governorate, in the city of Salt. With the [Read story...]

Jordanian Officials Visit Aberdeen Elementary

The Jordanian delegation paid special attention to the school's kitchen and cafeteria, getting a look at the walk-in freezer and hulking appliances that turn out hundreds of meals in short order. The Jordanian delegation paid special attention to [Read story...]

Terror victims vs the Arab bank

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday will hold the first hearing in a suit filed by terror victims' families again the Arab Bank in America. Four years ago, a New York court ruled that the Arab Bank is immune to suits filed by Israeli citizens, sinc [Read story...]

The Sunni Nations and the ‘Jordanian Option’

On September 1, 1967, the Arab League summit delivered the “Three No's” – no to peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel. This declaration was passed as part of the Khartoum Resolution at a summit attended by e [Read story...]