Lebanon’s paralysis manifests in garbage

Lebanon has failed to find an alternative to the garbage crisis, leaving trash to pile on the streets of Beirut. The story of garbage piling up in the streets of Lebanon’s chic capital of Beirut has become headline news around the world. [Read story...]

Protesters and police clash in Lebanon capital

Beirut: Police in Beirut clashed with anti-corruption demonstrators trying to break through barbed wire protecting Lebanon’s parliament yesterday, making several arrests. Inside parliament, representatives of the country’s political factions held a s [Read story...]

Lebanon: Protesters defy police brutality

Lebanese police pushed back protesters with clubs and sticks, and arrested dozens of people in downtown Beirut on Wednesday – the latest confrontations this city has seen over the country’s summer trash crisis. A second session of national dialogue, [Read story...]

Mr Friedman, you have twisted the truth

How could you ignore the League of the Righteous bandits, the Mahdi, Al Sadr, Badr, and Al Abbas armies, Ashtar and Al Quds Brigades and dozens of others from the Middle East where you are looking for those who stand behind “terrorism”? By Sawsan Al [Read story...]