The prisons of the international community

The international community has created in the last six decades various open space prisons, through its silence, the implicit complicity, the silent diplomacy. These open-air prisons are an excellent market for all enterprises, institutions and organ [Read story...]

PSG team discovers Qatar of tomorrow

Doha: The Paris Saint-Germain handball team took time off from training to participate in activities organised by Qatar Tourism Authority . The team is in Qatar since July 27 for annual pre-season training tour, hosted by QTA. [Read story...]

~ distracted ~

A scanned image from visits to the souks in Marrakech medina showing this laborious textile dye worker who appeared to be totally oblivious to the things going on around him with much concentration while displaying his excellence in his craft which m [Read story...]

Anna Friel on Odyssey

The gold key hangs heavy around her small neck. She seems the kind of woman who’d haunt the petite section of ladies’ wear. [Read story...]