3m Umrah pilgrims expected in Ramadan

MAKKAH — Government departments in Makkah have completed all preparations to receive over 3 million Umrah pilgrims during Ramadan. The preparations have been undertaken in line with the directives of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King [Read story...]

Trial run of Haramain train by year end

MADINAH — A test run will to be carried out on a stretch of the Al-Haramain Train track from Rabigh to Madinah at the end of the year, said sources from the Ministry of Transport. Work on building a train station in Madinah started in 2011 [Read story...]

2,102 labor law violators arrested

HAIL — A total of 2,102 violators of residency and labor regulations were arrested in Hail by police as part of a campaign launched in collaboration with the Labor Office there. Brig. Gen. Abdulaziz Al-Zineidi, spokesman for Hail Police, s [Read story...]

Illegal buildings on govt land torn down

BADR —The Committee for Land Supervision and Demolition of Illegal Constructions in the Badr Governorate recently demolished 13 buildings that were illegally built in the southern part of the governorate. The committee’s chairman [Read story...]

Municipality intensifies food inspections

AL-SEEH — Al-Kharj Municipality has approved a plan to intensify daily inspections of malls, shops, food warehouses and vegetable and fruit markets in the city of Al-Seeh during Ramadan. The municipality’s Environmental Health Ad [Read story...]

Security forces official dead in mine explosion

Saudi Gazette report JEDDAH – A security forces official was killed in a mine explosion in an area bordering Yemen on Wednesday noon, according to a statement of the command of the coalition forces. The mishap happened to Lt. Col. Abdullah [Read story...]

Negligent parenting

Image maid_big.jpg

Saudi Gazette report Among the changes that have occurred in the way many Saudi families in the Kingdom function is the increasing reliance on maids to perform the tasks of nannies and take care of children both inside and outside the home. [Read story...]

Who turned our youth into extremist monsters?

Rashed Fahd Al-Rashed Al- Riyadh When one sees the photos of those wanted by the Ministry of Interior, one will note that most of them have the faces of children and have barely turned 18. Most are of an age at which a person’s a [Read story...]

Why don’t more Saudis work in the private sector?

Fahd Bin Julaid Al-Jazirah It is believed that one out of three Saudis finds a job in the private sector compared to three out of four people in Canada, Sweden and Japan. This is according to World Bank statistics, which attribute the low number of [Read story...]