The US-Israel Biblical link

Last Friday, October 13, 2017, US President Donald Trump announced that he will not certify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Instead of scrapping the deal in its entirety he referred the nuclear deal to Congress for review and the possible re-imposition o [Read story...]

The bigger battles ahead

The last IS fighters in Raqa have been killed or surrendered, and the terror group that once held territory the size of the United Kingdom and ruled over ten million people has been pushed back to a few dusty towns straddling the Syrian border with I [Read story...]

Syria rocket fire: Not accidental after all?

As reports emerge saying projectiles launched at Golan may have been deliberate, Israelis continue to grapple with fallout from #MeToo campaign against sexual assault An Israeli flag flutters above the wreckage of a tank on a hill in the Golan Height [Read story...]

Return of the Russians

Saudi Arabia is showing prudence in securing its interests vis-A -vis Iran by diversifying its alliances and reaching out to Russia The recent visit by the Saudi King to Russia was, indeed, an historic one. Not least because this was the first such t [Read story...]

Rare Israel, Syria clash raises war fears

THE Israeli military has clashed with Syria over Lebanese airspace in the beginning of what could be a series of post-ISIS powerplays in the troubled region. The Raqqa Civil Council addressed a group of Syrian Islamic State fighters who had surrender [Read story...]

What Is Turkey Up to in Syria?

A Turkish military armored vehicle patrols on the border line located opposite the Syrian town of Atimah, Idlib province, in this picture taken from Reyhanli, Hatay province, Turkey, Oct. 10, 2017. Turkey is expanding its latest military intervention [Read story...]

Iranian Chief of Staff visits Syria

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, arrived on Tuesday in Damascus with a high-ranking military delegation, the Azerbaijani-based Trend news agency reported. The visit is taking place at the official invitat [Read story...]