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1947 – U.S. President Harry S. Truman signs the Presidential Succession Act putting the speaker of the House and Senate pro tem in line after the vice president. 1962 – None of the presidential candidates receives the one-third vote necessary for ele [Read story...]

Dismantling ISIL’s propaganda machine

James Denselow is a writer on Middle East politics and security issues and a research associate at the Foreign Policy Centre. The killing of some 25 Syrian soldiers in the amphitheatre in Palmyra last weekend was the latest example of the Islamic Sta [Read story...]

UN envoy to present new Syria peace plan

A man looks at damage out of a hole in the wall from what activists said was barrel bombs dropped by forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad in Al Hara town in Daraa yesterday. United Nations: The UN peace envoy for Syria plans to present n [Read story...]

Homage to Zenobia

‘s first major military victory against the forces of the Assad government. The Army fled, leaving the jihadis in control of sizable gas reserves, the brutal prison where thousands of Islamists and political dissidents had formerly been held , and th [Read story...]

Poland accepts over 150 Syrian…

More than 150 Christians fleeing war in Syria came to Warsaw by a chartered plane from Beirut on Friday night with an aim to settle down in Poland. Most of the refugees come from Damascus. [Read story...]

Yesterday’s rebels, today’s establishment

John Bell is Director of the Middle East Programme at the Toledo International Centre for Peace in Madrid. He is a former UN and Canadian diplomat, and served as Political Adviser to the Personal Representative of the UN Secretary-General for souther [Read story...]

Full circle: Syria to Sicily – BBC News

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BBC NewsFull circle: Syria to SicilyBBC NewsShe travelled by ship to Syria, where she had a brother and where, in 1945, she gave birth to a baby boy. That boy never knew his father, never learned Italian, never set foot on Italian soil. But he was ba [Read story...]