U.S. actively supported massacres

” “Standing by,” however, is not what the United States did during the Indonesian genocide of 1965–66; rather, it actively supported the massacres, which were applauded at the time by the New York Times.” [Read story...]

Fadlo (AUB president) blocked me

I never once communicated with him and never directed a message to him but he blocked me on Twitter. Having said that, there is a really long list of people (politicians and singers for some reason) who block me on Twitter without me communicating wi [Read story...]

US media worship of the US military

The Washington Post and other media have no problem in referring to lies by Trump. But when it came to lies uttered by Gen. Kelly, the Post among others only dared to say that he was “not accurate”. [Read story...]

Lenin in the New York Times: Josef Joffe on Lenin

The US has not been cured of the anti-communist disease. It would be fair to say that the intellectual and media class has not been cured of the rabid anti-communist disease. You can’t read any fair assessment about communism in US papers, still to t [Read story...]

Robert Mugabe as goodwill ambassador

Notice the outrage about his appointment in Western media. If this was the Saudi king, there would not have bene such an outrage although the Saudi regime is far more oppressive than Zimbabwe. [Read story...]

sexual harassment and assault in the US military

“The Army is grappling with a resurgence of cases in which troops responsible for preventing sexual assault have been accused of rape and related crimes, undercutting the Pentagon’s claims that it is making progress against sexual violence in the r [Read story...]