Her Awakening : A Short Story

She dunked her head and sank into her seat in Summit High School’s auditorium after she failed to answer a U.S. history question correctly. Flailing beneath the surface, she lost control of her voice and stammered her speech. Once making bold state [Read story...]

New Year, New Challenge

There are moments, when the frenzied heat of the kitchen slows for just a moment, and I catch a glimpse of my mother’s hands hovering over my own, whipping, folding, mixing. Moments, when I hear my grandmother’s voice, clear as a day, reminding m [Read story...]

Coping With Rejected Marriage Proposals

Marriage is something people look forward to. Sharing those special moments with someone and craving companionship is part of the natural disposition Allah has placed within us as human beings. Perhaps you have found someone you feel may be suitable [Read story...]

How To Complete Your To-Do List Every Day

The Myth of Getting Things Done and Inbox Zero Ever felt buried under the sheer overwhelm of work dropping into your lap like a hot potato? The notifications aren’t just for the latest cat video. Many are Slack message alerts whose dinging you& [Read story...]

How To Talk To Young Children About Christmas

As Muslim parents, how do we approach the issue of talking about Christmas with our young children? It can be difficult to navigate the “feels” of the season, especially for younger children, while strongly upholding Islamic values surrou [Read story...]

Interfaith Guide: Hosting A Muslim Guest

If you’re inviting a Muslim guest to a wedding, celebration, special event, or other types of gatherings, you may be wondering how to accommodate them and make them feel comfortable—just like you’d wonder about a vegan guest, for example. Musli [Read story...]

Tips For Umrah During COVID

COVID-19 has changed our lives forever and one of the main impacts it has also had on Muslims is our ability to perform Hajj and Umrah as we please. International borders have opened up and governments such as Australia and Saudi Arabia have eased re [Read story...]

Creating A Family Prayer Plan

Just like many other household and family activity (mealtimes, chores, communication, etc.), prayer at home deserves attention and discussion—and maybe even more than other aspects of our home lives! Perhaps we’ve assumed that prayer is just a th [Read story...]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Polygamy

How does one approach a polygamous situation (as a potential second/subsequent wife)? There are many different aspects to consider when one is thinking about a prospective polygamous marriage situation. If one is approached to become a second (or thi [Read story...]