Searching for Signs of Spring: A Short Story

See the Story Index for Wael Abdelgawad’s other stories. The Smoker “I’m going to kill her,” the man in the back seat growled. A moment earlier his phone had beeped, indicating a text message. Randa ignored him. She could already smell [Read story...]

Remembering Mufti Naeem (Jamia Binoria)

Guest post from Areeba Baig Sometimes you are so busy with life you don’t think much of where it all started, how you became who you are, the journeys you took and the people who helped you along them. And then something happens which forces you t [Read story...]

The 100

Tomorrow will mark the hundredth day since lockdown started in SA. For businesses in my industry, it marks the hundredth day since patrons were allowed to sit down in our restaurants and enjoy a meal. A hundred days since the day all of us, myself an [Read story...]

Raised by Converts

Note to the reader:  Some Muslims debate which term we should use for someone who has chosen to accept Islam. Is it supposed to be “convert” or “revert?”  In this article, I choose to use the word “convert.”  Before I start receiving c [Read story...]

Fractured Wombs

Motherhood is so beautiful, women are told, even before they have become women. Motherhood is what we are meant for. Motherhood is part and parcel of our womanhood. Motherhood will, sooner or later, define us. What they do not tell us is that for so [Read story...]

On British Muslims & Racism: Do Black Lives Matter?

Q. As Muslims, what should our stance be on racism or racial discrimination, and should we be supporting social justice movements like Black Lives Matter (BLM)? And isn’t all of this support for BLM privileging justice for black people over othe [Read story...]

How to Optimize Your Free Time

Time passes by. Many of us muddle through time, day in and day out. Only the wise and the prophets talked about the art of utilizing time in order to exist. The Prophet Muhammad said: “Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your [Read story...]

Top 10 Books On Black Muslim History

The history of Black Muslims seems to be trapped between Bilal and Malcolm X. While these are particularly bright supernovas in the pantheon of giants from Muslim history, they are far from being the only stars in that history. Recent events have mea [Read story...]