The hidden worship of prestige

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MV Media By: Saba Karim Source: The Huffing Post “It doesn’t matter if it is DKNY, the bag itself is beautiful.” The comment sprung on me like an ambush of sorts, w [Read story...]

7 steps to a productive Ramadan

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MV Media By: Yasemin Inal Source: Jamiatul Ulama Every year as Ramadan approaches, there are many online webinars, events, and local activities that all pertain to one thing: preparin [Read story...]

Palestinian unity government resigns

Ramallah: Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday accepted the resignation of the Palestinian unity government, media reported. The resignation of the Palestinian unity government was made following a meeting held in Ramallah on Wednesday betw [Read story...]

How to Really Get Ready For The Month of Ramadan

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Many Muslims approach Ramadan with mixed feelings. On one hand they’ve heard how the Companions used to eagerly await Ramadan six months in advance. But on the other hand, they genuinely worry about the long hours of fasting (in hot weather in some [Read story...]

Taliban warns Islamic State to stay out of Afghanistan

Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, the group’s deputy leader, said in recent letter to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi that the fight “against foreign invaders” can only be directed by the Taliban , NBC News taliban -warns-isis-stay-out-afghanistan-n376311″ target=”_blan [Read story...]